Coface webinar: Navigating through a turbulent 2020 and looking ahead to 2021. 
Tuesday 24 November. 10-11 am GMT.
Join Coface for our UK centric webinar where we will see John Nicholas and Hans Meijer - FCICM talk through a very turbulent 2020 and what we might expect from 2021.
Andrew Share will also be giving an insight on fraud and what to look for to help protect your company.
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Prevention and Management Virtual Masterclass, Thursday, 3 December. 
Could you handle fraud in the current and post-pandemic environment? 
 BCR Publishing invites you to attend a brand new, unique and personalised virtual masterclass. In today's climate, tackling fraudulent activity is more pertinent than ever with COVID-19 posing even more opportunities for fraudsters.

In this Masterclass, you will learn how to:
  • ASSESS the risk of fraud associated with factoring & payables finance transactions 
  • UNDERSTAND the impact of the pandemic and how to mitigate these risks 
  • IDENTIFY signs of fraud, devise and implement strategies to protect your business 
  • APPLY different techniques to resolve issues that may lead to fraud 
  • IMPLEMENT best practices to manage fraud 
Click here for the full Agenda
Who should attend?
  • Receivables finance practitioners 
  • Risk & compliance professionals wanting a better understanding of the risks
  • Finance directors who want to be updated on measures to reduce risk
Use the code CIN25 to get a 25% discount when booking online.

PLUS, 50% off!: The first two Credit Insurance News readers who contact us by emailing will receive a special 50% discount.

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