Chief Executive Officer - EXPORT Egypt
EXPORT Egypt is seeking to fill the position of CEO for the new Egyptian ECA. The successful candidate will report directly to the Board of Directors and represent EXPORT Egypt in its relations with the sector ministry, central bank, export and trade associations, banking and insurance community and other third parties including international organizations. The CEO will also interact with the members of the Board of Directors and the senior management of EXPORT Egypt and the senior management of the Central Bank, Ministries of Finance, Trade & industry, and Investments as well as liaising with external counterparts and shareholders at the highest decision making level.
EXPORT Egypt’s institutional relations with the international export credit community fall also within the remit of the CEO and should be developed in line with the mission of EXPORT Egypt.

Key Role and Responsibilities
  • Lead the day-to-day management of EXPORT Egypt, assuring the implementation of operational plans in a cost-effective manner, monitoring and reporting the results to the Board and achieving financial, operational and trade development objectives of EXPORT Egypt.
  • Cooperate with the Board of Directors to determine and implement EXPORT Egypt’s mission, and plan for short and long-term goals of the company within the broader strategic, economic and export development goals of the country.
  • Define, develop and nurture institutional and organisational strategy, as well as a comprehensive operational plan, ensuring implementation in line with the short-term and long-term objectives set by the Board of Directors.
  • Represent EXPORT Egypt externally and maintain and develop relationships with external partners, shareholders and stakeholders, in order to build critical partnerships and promote the image of EXPORT Egypt.
  • Keep the Board and its committees fully informed on all matters of significant relevance to EXPORT Egypt as well as on all aspects of the company’s operational and financial affairs.
  • Establish risk policies and procedures including monitoring mechanisms consistent with best practice in business of this nature.
  • Oversee and guarantee the quality, timeliness, fairness and adequacy of financial reporting, establishing under your responsibility, and submitting to the Board, the annual accounts and the Annual Report of EXPORT Egypt.
  • Ensure a high performing managerial team and foster a development culture for the entire organisation in view of the future development of EXPORT Egypt.
  • Ensure the execution of key Human Resources processes in line with best practice. 
  • Maintain and manage a sound and effective organisational structure and an effective leadership to the management and the staff of EXPORT Egypt, establish effective means of control and co-ordination for all operations and activities. 
  • Foster a corporate culture promoting business ethics, integrity and transparency.
  • Represent EXPORT Egypt in judicial proceeding.
Qualifications and Requirements
  • Academic and professional credentials and experience to command respect and trust in a position of this stature, preferably a good University degree in Economics, Business, Finance, Accounting, Risk Management, Insurance, Law or Political Science
  • At least 15 years demonstrated outstanding management and a leadership track record in a dynamic business environment.
  • Familiarity with the principles of officially support credit, and knowledge of export and trade credit instruments such as credit and political risk guarantees and insurance, and broad understanding of credit and country risk issues etc.
  • Relevant experience and deep understanding of trade and project finance, investment protection, complex commercial transactions, risk mitigation instruments and credit portfolio management.
  • Good knowledge of the challenges of financing SMEs and non-traditional export sector.
  • Ability to understand and anticipate the role of EXPORT Egypt within the country’s broader economic development strategy and policy framework.
  • Personal and professional credibility, with excellent communication skills, and proven ability to interact with all types and levels of people positively, while also being able to take tough stances when necessary.
  • Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills, with the ability to develop and establish relationships within the organization and with the business and the government sectors. 
  • Empathy, resilience and ability to handle diverging interests, conflict and ambiguities to ensure seamless operations of EXPORT Egypt. 
  • A good working knowledge of Arabic and English is essential. Knowledge of additional international language is an advantage.
Core Competencies
  • Achievement Drive: continually keeps an eye on performance, focusing on improving it, showing drive and determination to meet short and long -term goals.
  • Change Orientation: Adapts to differences and changes in the environment; takes a flexible approach to reach outcomes.
  • Collaboration: Works cooperatively as part of a team; works collaboratively with peers across organisational boundaries based on a genuine interest in and an accurate understanding of others and their individual perspectives and concerns.
  • Organisational Commitment: Is willing to commit to an organisation whose mission is to support strategic development and financing of exports, and is open to diversity, and to align her/his own behaviour with the organisation’s needs and intrinsic values, acting with integrity in ways that promote the organisation’s mission, policies and rules.
Managerial Competencies 
  • • Developing Others: Builds the long-term capability of others by guiding and developing them to make the most of their competence and potential, based on an accurate understanding of their true strengths and development needs.
  • Strategic Thinking: Thinks about the long -term organisation strategy and how to align to and implement it; comes up with useful new strategic insights.
  • Team Leadership: Builds a high performing team, ensuring it is focused, motivated and inspired to achieve organisational objectives. 
Interested applicants should contact Ramy Elshaarway at for more information.

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