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Sponsoring an issue of CIND is an ideal way to promote your company to a committed but often hard-to-reach audience of trade credit insurance professionals. Past sponsors have used sponsorship to launch a new service or product, make an announcement to the trade credit insurance community or simply raise their brand awareness. There is no better or more direct way of getting your message out to the wider credit insurance community.
Sponsorship offers these features and benefits:
  • Sponsorship is on an exclusive basis. Display a large banner in prime position at the head of the email alert sent to subscribers as well as at the head of the online issue held on this website. 
  • Sponsors are welcome to contribute an article to be promoted in their issue. This is held on a separate web page with appropriate sponsor's branding.
  • The banner will link back to your company website, a URL of your choice or a brochure/PDF. 
  • An 'About this issue's sponsor' section in the Digest and in the email 'announcement' sent to all subscribers allows you to describe your company, service or publicise a new product or company event. This double-pronged solution ensures that your message is received and then reinforced. 
  • We promote each issue and our sponsor's article on both LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • We keep our prices very low. Sponsorship rates start at just £340 per issue. However, significant discounts are available for sponsorship combined with advertising. 

    To sponsor an issue of CIND in 2019, please email us


We offer two types of advert; small logo adverts and large tiles. 
Small logo/tile adverts are an ideal way of promoting your brand. Larger adverts are a highly effective means of advertising your service. Examples of large advertising tiles are displayed on the right of this page.
  • A slowly rotating banner next to CIND and on our Job Board ensures that every advertiser's logo or advert is highly visible. 
  • Each advert or logo links back to the advertiser's website or a specific URL. 
  • Larger adverts can be changed - without charge - as many times as you wish during the adverting period. This is an ideal way to promote a new report of service.
  • Our rate card is extremely competitive, especially for annual advertising agreements. Advertising only prices start from just £25 per month for logo adverts and £40 per month for large adverts. However significant discounts are available for combined sponsorship/advertising packages and longer advertising agreements.

    To advertise, please email us with the type of advert required (i.e. logo or large tile), the length of advertising (3, 6 or 12 months) and whether you would also like  to sponsor an issue of CIND. 
We offer three types of display options for your vacancy. 
1. Standard: Just the ad, no frills or highlights. £50 per calendar month
2. Premium: Display the ad with your company logo: £75 per calendar month
3. Featured: Display the ad with your company logo in a featured/highlighted position at top of the Job Board: £100 per calendar month.

All listings include an email 'new job alert' to active job seekers among our subscribers and promotion in the LinkedIn group 'Credit Insurance News'. Vacancies are also displayed in Credit Insurance News Digest.

Our Guarantee. We want you to be delighted with our service. Please let is know if your job advert fails to attract suitable candidates and we will reimburse you in full. 

Click here to submit a vacancy. Alternatively email us for more information.
Our Events & Offers web page and each issue of CIND lists events and conferences around the world that our readers will find of interest. Many of these include substantial discounts that we can offer exclusively to our readers. 

Readers are also welcome to submit their own events. Listings are free on a media partner basis (i.e. you include CIND branding on event materials), or £30 per calendar month in other circumstances. Discounts may be available.
Please email us for details.

Credit Insurance News was founded by Sally Brown in 2012.
Sally has over 25 years experience in the trade credit insurance industry, working largely for Euler Hermes UK, the UK and World's credit insurance market leader. Originally employed as Euler Hermes' only Approved Source Underwriter (selecting and monitoring companies approved to write limits under policyholder's discretionary limits), Sally moved into a purely business information role in 1998 and set-up Euler Hermes' first internal credit insurance weekly news bulletin for colleagues. Sally also produced highly detailed gap analyses and reports on competitors for senior management and chaired regular meetings with staff to discuss industry news.

After 2006, following the birth of her two children, Sally worked part-time for Euler Hermes exclusively producing and distributing a weekly credit insurance newsletter. This newsletter quickly became Euler Hermes most successful regular internal campaign and was highly regarded by colleagues, both in the UK and France.

Sally has an MSc in Information Technology, an MA in History (Research/Thesis) and a BA (Hons) in History with French.
In addition to her Credit Insurance work, Sally has worked as a professional writer on local newspapers, with a regular column on the history of London's East End and its architecture. 

Sally lives in Surrey and is married with 2 wonderful children aged 13 and 16.

If you have any questions or would like further information on any aspect of our service, please call 07482 235913 or email
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