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COST: £50 per calendar month.
However, there is no charge at all for advertising on a media partner basis (i.e. if your promotional materials carry our logo).


Benefits include:

  • Text describing your event or course with a large banner (750 px horizontal, @190px  vertical) on our Events or Professional Development Board.

  • Text Inclusion (without a banner) in issues of Credit Insurance News Digest and Credit Management News Digest.

  • Promotion in our Credit Insurance News' LinkedIn group.

Next Steps:

To add your advertising:

  • Email us the text you would like to use (or a link to a URL ) and a copy of the banner you would like to use (exactly 750 px horizontal, @190px vertical) .png format.

  • Advise us of the length of advertising period you would like.

  • How would you like to pay (credit card or bank transfer)?

We will email you a copy of your advert on a test page within a maximum of 24 hours. When you are happy to proceed, we will launch the advert and email you our invoice.

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