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Eleven Credit Insurance News Digest and Credit Management News Digest issues are published annually. Each month features a different single sponsor.

Sponsorship offers these features and benefits:

  • Sponsorship is on an exclusive basis. Sponsors display a large banner in prime position at the head of the email alert sent to subscribers and at the head of the online issues of Credit Insurance News Digest and Credit Management News Digest held on this website. 

  • The banner links back to your company website, a URL of your choice or a brochure/PDF.

  • Sponsors are welcome to contribute an article and/or video to be promoted in their issue. This article is on a separate web page with the sponsor's branding - see example. Video are usually displayed on the Digest web pages - see the example on the right.

  • An 'About this issue's sponsor' section in the Digest and in the email 'announcement' sent to all subscribers allows you to describe your company or service, or publicise a new product or company event. 

  • We promote each issue and our sponsor's article in our Credit Insurance News LinkedIn group.

  • The Credit Insurance News page promotes the current sponsor.

Sponsoring an issue of Credit Insurance News Digest and Credit Management News Digest is an ideal way to promote your company to a committed audience of trade credit insurance or trade credit management professionals. Past sponsors have used sponsorship to launch a new service or product, make an announcement to the trade credit insurance or credit management community, or raise brand awareness.

How to Reserve a Sponsorship.
Sponsorships are usually booked at least a year in advance.
For current advertisers, sponsorships cost an additional cost of £525. For non-advertisers, sponsorship costs £755.
If you would like information about current availability, please email Sally.

An example of an Email alert sent to subscribers when a new campaign is published.

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screen snip 2.png
white box_edited_edited.jpg

Sponsor's video

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'About the Sponsor' 

Sponsor's banner

Link to webpage holding sponsor's article

An example of the opening page of an issue od Credit Insurance News Digest sponsored by Tinubu.

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