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Managing Large Trade Credit Insurance Programmes, by Simon Marshall | CEO, Co-pilot.
In this article, I talk about some of the challenges and opportunities for clients and their brokers. I also talk about “The Direction of travel”, which Co-pilot sees as the biggest issue coming down the road for Trade Credit Insurance.
Managing Large Trade Credit Insurance (TCI) programmes is complex and challenging and there is a growing realisation amongst brokers that client platforms to manage the TCI are the way forward. In fact, I was at a conference this year where this was precisely the theme of a global credit broker’s presentation to international credit managers.
But like all things there are complexities, and there are things that must be got right. Doing so requires a high level of independent advice and guidance. If a client decides to get some software vendors in and to run an RFP, there is a significant probability of a poor outcome – we see it every day. If you really want your client to get best advice and to get a highly positive outcome, you need Co-pilot by your side. We have clients with multi-million-dollar, multi-policy global TCI programmes and for them we have changed their whole experience and the efficiency of running these programmes. None of these clients would go back to running their programmes the old way. And all of them recommend Co-pilot.
The very first thing Co-pilot does, before we involve any platform vendor, is to work with the client to design the solution. What are the important issues and challenges now and in the future? It involves workshops, and the output is the brief, the specification on which platform vendors will have to deliver. Here are some of the key issues and opportunities.

Credit Limit Management:
Clients want maximised credit limits, but they may also have parts of their business that are uninsured, or they may want to take upon risk above the limit. This can bring a range of potential factors into play including in-house risk assessment, pro-active appeals processes, top-up etc.
With our unique knowledge of global information sources, scorecards, and red flags we create whatever is needed for the client, and we establish a regular review process. As an example, one thing our clients greatly appreciate is our “Champion Challenger”. It acts as a red flag to tell the client that datasets don't match. It is tailored for each client, and it is from Co-pilot, not from the platform vendor.
A factor for many client credit teams is that whilst they await underwriter limits, they are perceived within their own business as “business delayers”. We show them how they can systematically apply for limits or limit increases before they are needed. This can be done in numerous ways best to fit how the client operates.

Multiple systems – a nightmare
Most global clients run multiple ERP systems, especially if they are acquisitive. Extracting information from these systems or inserting credit limits into them is a major daily problem. A multiple policy programme replicates the issue (extracting information, requesting limits, reporting etc) at the underwriter end. Credit reference agencies, other information sources and CRM systems come into play as well.

We show the client how to create a single universe to manage multiple ERP systems, TCIs CRAs in one place. It is a massive weight lifted.

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Multiple underwriter programmes
One operating universe means that the client can run multiple underwriter programmes or can change underwriter without having to change the daily way it operates. The client can even deal with transactions relating to the old and the new policies in the one place, and see a common global score across both underwriters (we design it in).

Compliance Management
Rejected claims represent a threat to the industry. Some years ago, one of Co-pilot’s global clients walked away from TCI exactly for this reason and seemingly for ever.
Manual processes invite non-compliance. Systematic processes enable stronger compliance at every step of the way, from limit setting to reporting. Such processes also enable a client to present to the underwriter as a better risk.

The direction of travel - digitisation
The UK and France are two of the earliest nations to adopt legislation enabling digital trading instruments. It is a global trend which is anticipated to have significant impact on global trade.

Credit risk management processes, and TCI will have to become digital, otherwise they become an impediment to trade. Co-pilot has created its Digital Collaboration” solution, targeted at Corporates, Credit Insurance Brokers, and Commercial Finance Houses. It will create huge opportunity, not only for fast, efficient processes but also for business development and product development.
Co-pilot has the knowledge, experience, and ideas to help make this happen for its Corporate, Broker and Finance clients.

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About Co-pilot
Co-pilot has cultivated a prestigious client portfolio, featuring global multi-billion-dollar brands, tirelessly committed to delivering mutual benefits for Clients, Brokers, and, where applicable, Funders.
With two decades of expertise, Co-pilot specialises in advising companies on optimising O2C processes, enhancing Trade Credit Insurance Compliance, implementing robust Business Information programs, and more, primarily through a stellar reputation, extensive networks, and word-of-mouth referrals.
As external consultants, our mission revolves around meticulously scoping initial requirements, sourcing the ideal vendors and solutions, formulating robust implementation plans, and conducting diligent solution audits post-launch.
At Co-pilot, we understand that one size does not fit all. We embark on a tailored journey with each client, guiding them towards discovering the precise tools, technology, and techniques indispensable to their unique business needs.
Our knowledge and experience in advising clients are unpa
ralleled, encompassing cutting- edge credit risk management practices, enriched by our exclusive data sources, tools, techniques, and methodologies for real-time credit risk management. This fusion of core competencies is a hallmark of Co-pilot's distinctiveness, enabling us to provide clients with a comprehensive advisory package for achieving optimal solutions.


  • Our unrivalled expertise in selecting platform vendors (see case studies on website)

  • Our profound knowledge, extensive experience and sterling reputation in the Trade Credit Insurance market

  • Our adaptable “Digital Collaboration” solution which, we believe, represents a new future for the industry.

For further information, please speak to Simon Marshall at +44 20 7813 2182 or visit

Your journey to tailored, effective solutions begins here.

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