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Welcome to the July 2024 issue of Credit Insurance News Digest. Our sponsor this month is SCHUMANN.


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Credit Management News Digest

About this month's sponsor: SCHUMANN

PLUS: Unlocking SME Potential in Trade Credit Insurance. This month's featured article by SCHUMANN.

Credit Insurance News

Trade credit insurers saw a 6% increase in premium volume in 2023. AU Group's Credit Insurance Market Survey for 2024 reports that the global credit insurance market continued to grow in 2023, with a 6% increase in premium volume. However, this growth was slower than in 2022, which saw an 18% increase over 2021, driven by inflation and a post-COVID economic boom. AU Group estimates the size of the market was around €10 billion in premiums in 2023 (versus €9.4 billion in 2022), and suggests that "the traditional" credit insurers have experienced a "spectacular" return to profitability since 2021. For example, Allianz Trade posted an operating income of €666 million (+16% compared to 2022), while Atradius' operating income of €486 million was 6% higher than in 20222. To read AU Group's report, go to

ICISA's 2023 industry results underscore the pivotal role of trade credit insurance in facilitating global trade. Following the release of the International Credit Insurance & Surety Association (ICISA) 2023 industry results, Trade Finance Global (TFG) interviewed Richard Wulff, Executive Director of ICISA. Assessing the impact of macroeconomic factors on the trade credit insurance market in 2023, Richard Wulff noted that there is no doubt that the risk awareness of clients has increased, and the trade credit insurance industry is poised for even more growth. Additionally, he commented that the rise of 'Insurtech', including AI and digital platforms, is transforming the sector by improving risk assessment and operational efficiency. Looking ahead, the sector is expected to evolve with new technologies to optimise cover and service speed. For more insights, read Trade Finance Global's interview at

Insurtech Bondaval expands its offering with a trade credit insurance policy. Global Trade Review (GTR) has reported that Bondaval has launched a new trade credit policy that will be available through Bondaval's online platform. The policy, which will initially be launched in the UK and EU, offers an approximate minimum premium of £75,000 and allows for policies with aggregate limits in the billions of pounds. Unlike Bondaval's existing solution, MasterBond, which is always non-cancellable and offers 100% coverage, Bondaval's new trade credit insurance product can offer more varied terms to clients based on their risk portfolios, which will allow the company to serve some of the "very strong" mid to large-market-cap companies in its existing sectors. Bondaval also aims to help credit managers stay up to date through its technology platform, which it describes as a "consumer-level digital experience" that uses familiar policy language to ensure ease of adoption. To read GTR's article, go to

Three insurers represent more than 70% of the total global trade credit insurance market. AU Group's Credit Insurance Market Survey for 2023 notes that the trade credit insurance market remains dominated by three global insurers representing more than 70% of the total global market. Allianz Trade (headcount 5500) is the largest credit insurer with a 32% market share, followed by Atradius (headcount 3409)  with 22% and Coface (headcount 4970) with 15% as of December 31st, 2023.  In addition to the three global insurers, AU Group notes that niche insurers are characterised by expertise in particular products, geographical areas and different types of risk: political risk, non-transfer. To read AU Group's report, go to


Whitepaper advocates for strategic updates in system capabilities and processes to ensure credit insurance maintains "its pivotal role in supporting the trade finance market". Zenik Solutions has published a whitepaper, 'Precision in Protection, Enhancing Capital Reserve Accuracy for Credit Insurance,' which explores imminent regulatory changes by the European Banking Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority, focusing on banks and financial institutions employing credit insurance for risk mitigation and capital relief. It also assesses current insurance sector practices and technologies, suggesting enhancements to reinforce regulator confidence and ensure credit insurance maintains "its pivotal role in supporting the trade finance market." Richard Wulff, Executive Director of ICISA, contributes. To download a copy, go to

Allianz Trade and BPL unveil a fully integrated API-powered enquiry system. Allianz Trade and BPL have collaborated to address "the inefficiencies underwriters experience when receiving broker enquiries in the bank non-payment insurance space." In a market that generates an estimated 10,000+ enquiries a year, BPL notes that underwriters are currently required to manually type data into their systems from "unstructured, unstandardised information in myriad formats." By establishing a standardised framework for typical non-payment insurance enquiries, Allianz Trade and BPL report that they have been able to create an end-to-end API integration system. This makes it possible for the insurer and broker to exchange enquiry data instantly and seamlessly between their own systems via Whitespace from Verisk. To read BPL's news release, go to


Brokerslink establishes a dedicated trade credit insurance practice. Insurance Business has reported that Brokerslink has launched a dedicated trade credit insurance practice. According to Brokerslink, a recent survey revealed that 75% of brokers were interested in expanding their remit to trade credit insurance. Of those, half identified existing accounts in their regions that need international support, which Brokerslink says it is well-placed to provide. Brokerslink aims to handle new global trade credit accounts from brokers' existing book of business and generate new trade credit insurance premiums for the market. Phillip Krinker, Executive Director, CredRisk Seguros (part of the MDS Group), stated: "Whilst the sector is currently dominated by large corporates in Europe and Asia, the opportunities globally are substantial." To read Insurance Business' article, go to


Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation announces the launch of trade credit insurance cover based on SCOR Smart Credit. Hong Kong Export Credit Insurance Corporation has launched trade credit insurance cover based on SCOR Smart Credit, an alternative data underwriting tool developed by SCOR Reinsurance Co. (Asia) Ltd (SCOR). The new product protects trade loans granted by FundPark Ltd (a Hong Kong-registered fintech company) to Hong Kong-registered merchants, aiming to facilitate SMEs' access to trade financing. SCOR Smart Credit is an applied data-driven underwriting engine that analyses data from various sources using an underwriting algorithm developed by SCOR. According to SCOR, the tool aims to make risk assessment much faster than traditional manual underwriting methods and enhances overall portfolio quality

"by creating efficiency, effectiveness, and consistency for the insurer." To read SCOR's news release, go to

Unlocking the potential of credit insurance through digital connectivity and interoperability. Trade Finance Global (TFG) has published an article that questions why, even though digital collaboration holds "outsized potential for the credit insurance industry", the industry has yet to embrace digital connectivity. The article notes that interoperability is vital to optimise the benefits of connectivity and allow credit insurers to process data from other parties efficiently. This requires parties to agree on a common format that enables each side to understand and process the data without requiring additional manual steps to re-enter or map it. "If the industry succeeds in achieving this, credit insurance will be seen by current and potential customers as a simpler, more responsive, and trustworthy risk mitigation tool that can help their businesses succeed in a global marketplace." To read TFG's article, go to

The Basel Endgame: Implications for US credit insurance. Trade Finance Global (TFG) recently spoke to industry leaders Sian Aspinall, Marilyn Blattner-Hoyle, Tod Burwell, Neal Harm, Scott Ettien, Tomasch Kubiak, Azi Larsen, Harpreet Mann, Jean Maurice-Elkouby, Hernan Mayol, Marcus Miller, and Richard Wulff, to examine the implications of Basel III implementation in the US and what this means for the trade finance and credit insurance sector. Assuming the EU and UK adopt an approach that enables banks to continue to benefit from credit insurance post-Basel implementation, they note that the US could miss out by not adopting a similar approach. Furthermore, as the product is not as well established on that side of the Atlantic, there is enormous potential for banks to begin using credit insurance and other unfunded credit risk transfer solutions to boost bank financing by giving proper recognition in the regulation. To read TFG's article, go to

Muse Finance partners with Xero and Allianz Trade to launch a new BNPL service, musePay. Muse Finance has announced the launch of musePay, its 'Buy Now, Pay Later' (BNPL) integration with Xero, supported by Allianz Trade. MusePay and its Allianz insurance integration will be the first BNPL product to feature directly on the Xero invoicing system. François Burtin, Global Head of e-commerce at Allianz Trade, said: "The ways companies trade are changing, and BNPL is an increasingly popular way to manage business expenses, but it's not without risk to a seller. We look forward to working with Muse to alleviate uncertainty when their customers offer BNPL payment terms . . ." To read Muse Finance's news release, go to​​​​

Credit Insurance News

The global economy is on track for a soft landing. Atradius' latest Economic Outlook suggests that the global economy is on track for a soft landing and a recession has been avoided. Compared to six months ago, global GDP projections for 2024 have been revised upwards by 0.5% to 2.6% due to a surprisingly resilient US economy, and the global economy is likely to also improve further in 2025 with 2.8% growth. Advanced economies are expected to grow by 1.6% in 2024, while the outlook for emerging market economies, though weak by historical standards, is stronger than that for advanced economies – with 3.9% and 4.0% growth predicted in 2024 and 2025, respectively. In addition, Atradius forecasts that global trade growth will improve to 2.5% in 2024 and 3% in 2025. This comes after a downbeat 2023, when trade shrank by 1.2%. To read Atradius' news release, go to


The EU economy is in the doldrums due to the lack of a strong industrial policy. Allianz Trade has published a report, 'Industrial policy: old dog, new tricks?', which argues that the absence of a strong industrial policy is causing the European economy to fall further behind China and the US. The report suggests that, rather than developing policies based on its own strengths, the billions it invests are mainly used "to limit its backwardness". Allianz Trade argues that this is "a dead end" and the EU's industrial policy is "a balancing act gone too far". In the report, Allianz Trade argues in favour of a European industrial policy focused on innovation ecosystems, with 'horizontal' policies targeting specific themes. According to Johan Geeroms, Head of Risk Underwriting Benelux at Allianz Trade, Europe should "dare to think two steps ahead, instead of always following China and the United States." To read Allianz Trade's news release, with a link to the full report, go to

ICISA collaborates on a paper examining the digital Implications of detecting fraud in trade finance. The International Credit Insurance & Surety Association (ICISA) and MonetaGo have published a whitepaper titled 'Digital Implications of Detecting Fraud in Trade Finance'. It addresses the growing issue of sophisticated fraud, such as falsified documents and duplicate financing, which threaten the global trade finance ecosystem. The whitepaper notes that insurers often bear the financial burden of fraud despite its typical exclusion from coverage. Executive Director Richard Wulff highlights the need for solutions to this global challenge. Key concerns include the limitations of current insurance policies, the economic damage from duplicate financing, and various document frauds. To read ICISA's news release, with a link to the report, go to

Coface suggests the world economy is "above the waterline". Coface's latest Barometer indicates that the world economy has shown slight improvement in Q1 2024 compared to previous years affected by the pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, and the US banking crisis. Moderate growth in the US and China is anticipated to be offset by an acceleration in several emerging countries, and, as a result, Coface has upgraded its global growth forecast for 2024 to 2.5%, with stabilisation at 2.7% expected in 2025. Coface also noted that Europe, with a GDP growth of 0.3% in Q1 2024, seems to be out of recession. However, continued inflation reduction to around 2% may come at the cost of deteriorating labour markets and corporate margins, potentially increasing insolvencies. To read Coface's news release, go to

Belgian exporters are cautious about their growth potential over the next three years. Credendo has advised that its ninth Export Barometer 2024 indicates "the considerable resilience" of Belgian exporters. Because of this resilience, they remain relatively optimistic,despite the growing number of sources of tension and risks (particularly on the geopolitical front). Regarding export activities, there has been little change in Belgian businesses' main export markets. Neighbouring countries (cited by 79% of exporters) far outstrip the rest of the EU (32%). Regarding intercontinental exports, the US and Canada (16%) remain in first place, ahead of Asia (15%). To read Credendo's Export Barometer, go to

High credit risk and rising insolvencies plague the UK construction sector in 2024. Tokio Marine HCC has published a report on the UK construction sector, highlighting that credit risk remains high in 2024, with business failures and late payments rising. Insolvency figures have increased for three consecutive years, with the sector now accounting for 17.4% of all UK insolvencies. Small profit margins and fixed-price contracts hinder the ability to pass unexpected costs to customers, exacerbating financial strain. Additionally, failures of larger companies are impacting smaller businesses down the supply chain, causing project delays. Late payments are prevalent, with 20% of invoices paid late affecting smaller firms' cash flow. Although interest rate cuts may improve conditions, credit risk will persist due to challenging refinancing conditions. To read Tokio Marine HCC's report, go to

The critical role of trade credit insurance in the food and drink sector. WTW has published an article emphasising "the indispensable role of trade credit insurance in managing credit risk and ensuring financial stability in the high-risk, tight-margin food industry" (a comment originally made by Lincoln Provision's CFO in a WTW podcast). WTW notes that, despite current global issues, the food and drink sector also remains attractive to trade credit insurers –  especially in areas where businesses can pass on the costs of inflation, higher interest rates, and energy price volatility to customers. However, WTW warns that capacity issues are becoming more pronounced in heavily insured segments like wholesalers and grocers, indicating potential challenges ahead. To read WTW's article, go to

Upcoming political outcomes will test resilience again. Allianz Trade's Mid-year Economic Outlook 2024-25 predicts global GDP growth of +2.8% in 2024 and 2025, with growth slowing to +1.7% in the US and reaching potential in the Eurozone at +1.4% in 2025. China will also continue to manage its growth slowdown (+4.3% in 2025). However, risks remain tilted to the downside, given heightened uncertainty in a super-election year and ongoing global conflicts. Allianz Trade cautions that its downside scenario (fiscal slippage & rising geopolitical risks) would mean -1.5pp lower global growth and +1pp higher inflation, which would keep interest rates higher for longer. To read Allianz Trade's news release, with a link to a presentation, go to

WICI (Women in Credit Insurance) spotlight on Sarah-Louise Wilding. ICISA has published an interview with Sarah-Louise Wilding, Head of Credit at Towergate Insurance Credit & Surety Division. Louise's top tip for a successful career in trade credit insurance is: "Do not fall out with anyone, ever . . . Remember don't take anything personally and trade credit insurance is such a small world that it's better to leave every situation with grace". To read the interview, go to

The UK is heading "for calmer waters" while global economic forecasts are improved. Coface's UK economist, Jonathan Steenberg, has advised that there are welcome signs that the UK is finally headed "for calmer waters", while it seems to be a case of slow and steady growth in Ireland. Coface forecasts UK growth of 0.6% in 2024 and 1.1% in 2025 and has left its country risk rating unchanged at A4 (reasonable). While Ireland is expected to see slower growth, its risk assessment remains A3 (satisfactory). To read Coface's news release, go to

New Appointments

UK Metals Sector 2024: Economic challenges and future prospects. Tokio Marine HCC has published a report on the UK metals sector, highlighting the challenging conditions faced in 2023 and early 2024. Demand was subdued, thereby exerting downward pressures on prices (which, after falling in H2 2023, increased only marginally in Q1 2024), and although forward-looking indicators point towards a slightly brighter future, high interest rates and a generally sluggish macroeconomic environment continued to weigh on investment. Credit risk in the UK remains very elevated (a trend likely to last into 2025), and business failures in the sector increased significantly in 2023. To read Tokio Marine HCC's report, go to


Xenia Broking completes transition into Brown & Brown Europe and announces London relocation. Following Brown & Brown Inc.'s acquisition of Kentro Capital (Xenia's parent company) on October 9, 2023, Xenia Broking Ltd. has announced that it has now transferred parent companies from Kentro Capital to Brown & Brown Retail Holdco (Europe) Ltd. Xenia Broking will consequently relocate to London to work alongside Brown & Brown Europe at the 7th Floor, The Corn Exchange, 55 Mark Lane, London, EC3R 7NE.  


Congratulations to all the nominees and winners at the ITFA Insurance Awards on 20 June.

  • Marsh received two awards: Best Broker: Trade Credit Insurance and Best Broker: Surety.

  • Allianz Trade won the award for Best Insurer: Trade Credit Insurance.

  • Liberty Specialty Markets won the award for Best Insurer: Comprehensive Non-Payment Insurance.

  • Swiss RE won the Best Insurer: Surety award. 

  • Société Générale won the awards for Best Insured Bank: Trade Credit Insurance and Best Insured Bank: Comprehensive Non-Payment Insurance.

  • BPL Global won the award for Best Broker: Comprehensive Non-Payment Insurance.

Markel on its 10th anniversary in the US. In July 2014, Markel announced it was launching a new trade credit operation, headed by Philip Amlot, in the US.  

Good Luck to . . .

Derek Barnett, Director of W. Denis Credit Risks Ltd, who, despite vowing never to attempt it again, will be cycling from Lands End to John O'Groats in aid of Cancer Research UK.

Derek writes: "The event starts from Lands End on Saturday, September 7th, 2024, and covers 969 miles over nine days of cliff tops, moorlands, hidden roads, and soaring mountains across 23 Counties of England, Wales, and Scotland. By the time I reach John O'Groats on Sunday, September 15th, I will have cycled twice the height of Everest, averaged over 100 miles a day, burned over 50,000 calories, and been eaten alive by midges in the Highlands." If you can help Derek make a difference, please consider donating to his JustGiving page at

The Surety Team at Allianz Trade in the UK and Ireland (Yasmin Conneely, Hannah Wells, Penny-Fay Evans, Sonny Skulnick, Mark Rogers, James Price, Saorla Burke), who are taking on the 3 Peaks Challenge in September and raising money for Barnardo's. If you are able to help the team make a difference, please consider a donation to their JustGiving page at

New Appointments

Allianz Trade has made several new appointments and promotions:

  • Stefan Westendorp has been appointed Senior Strategic Broker Manager based in the Netherlands. He joins Allianz Trade from Nexus Underwriting, where he worked for just over two years. 

  • Allianz Trade in the UK & Ireland has appointed Nadine Haschka as a Strategic Account Manager. Nadine joins Allianz Trade after nearly thirty-four years at Atradius, most recently as a Customer Service Manager. Nadine is based in Cardiff.

  • Allianz Trade for Multinationals has promoted Lucia Gatta to Regional Director, Account Management – MMEA. Lucia was formerly Regional Account Manager, Mediterranean Countries, Africa and Middle East. She is based in Milan.

Atradius has made several new appointments and promotions.

  • Fredrik Ådén has joined Atradius as Head of Global, Sweden. Fredrik joins Atradius from Marsh, where he had worked as a Client Executive for just over three years.

  • Emma Lienhardt has been promoted to Quebec Regional Manager at Atradius. Emma, who is based in Montreal, has worked for Atradius for just over ten years and was most recently a Trade Credit & Political Risk Underwriter – Special Products.

Coface has made two new appointments: 

  • Wisam Anani joins Coface as a Senior Manager – Key Brokers, based in Dubai. Wisam previously worked at Marsh Middle East and Africa as AVP & Client Manager – Trade Credit Practice, MENA.

  • Joe Ketzner has been appointed Regional Vice President – Direct Sales in the Northeast at Coface North America. Joe joins Coface from Allianz Trade in North America, where he was Regional Vice President.

Lockton Australia has promoted Sam Rodda to Client Manager. Sam has been with Lockton for two years as Senior Associate, Trade Credit and Political Risk. Before joining Lockton, Sam worked for Coface Australia as a Commercial Underwriter.

Nexus has made three new appointments: 

  • Elliott Barnes has joined Nexus Trade Credit as a Commercial Underwriter, based in Manchester. Elliott joins Nexus from Allianz Trade UK & Ireland, where he provided maternity cover for a Relationship Manager role.

  • Nexus Underwriting has promoted Jordy Groot to Senior Commercial Underwriter. Jordy is based in the Netherlands and formerly worked for Nexus in the Netherlands as Head of Risk Non-Can.

  • Nexus has promoted Michiel Slootweg to Senior Credit Risk Analyst in the Netherlands. Michiel has been with Nexus for nearly five years and previously worked there as a Credit Analyst​​.

Texel Group has appointed Shalini Sharan as a broker in the Americas. Shalini moves from her post as Associate Director for political and credit risks at WTW, where she served for the past nine years.

Job Vacancies

Job Vacancies

Krediet Analist (junior/medior)

Breukelen, The Netherlands.

Wij zijn op zoek naar versterking van ons team!

Ben jij, net als wij, nieuwsgierig naar de kredietwaardigheid van ondernemingen in Nederland en
daarbuiten? Volg jij de economische ontwikkelingen in Nederland en internationaal op de voet? Ben je analytisch en wil je jezelf ontwikkelen tot een financieel professional? Dan zijn we op zoek naar jou als nieuwe collega! 

Wij ondersteunen onze klanten in het veilig zakendoen met hun afnemers en hun groei ambities te

Als Krediet analist ben je verantwoordelijk voor het verzamelen en beoordelen van (financiële) informatie en onderhoud je contact met de financieel eindverantwoordelijken bij onze klanten en haar afnemers.

Wat denken wij dat je nodig hebt in deze functie:

  • HBO werk en denkniveau, bij voorkeur een relevante (bijna) afgeronde HBO/WO opleiding (bv bedrijfseconomie)

  • Het vermogen om gegevens te interpreteren en samen te vatten en de bevindingen zowel schriftelijk als mondeling te presenteren.

  • Een proactieve en zelfsturende aanpak, en in staat om prioriteiten en verwachtingen te stellen en problemen op te lossen

  • Persoonlijke vaardigheden: leergierig, proactief, nieuwsgierig, positief kritisch en denkend in kansen.

  • Goede kennis van de Nederlandse en Engelse taal in woord en geschrift.

To Apply: Please send your CV and covering letter to Caroline Walsh

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About the sponsor

Events & Professional Development

​​SCHUMANN Conference on Digital Credit Risk Management, 12 September. online via live stream.

Our SCHUMANN Conference on Digital Credit Risk Management will take place online on 12 September. Experts from our customer and partner base will present their use cases and report on current challenges and the best strategies.

We are not limiting ourselves to one industry, because we are convinced that valuable insights and inspiration for you lie in cross-industry dialogue. That's why, in addition to financial service providers, industrial and wholesale companies, credit and surety insurers will also have their say!

Don't miss the keynote speeches by Janet Henry, Global Chief Economist at HSBC and Christiane von Berg, Head of Economic Research BeNeLux & DACH at Coface.

Register now! Participation is free of charge.

We look forward to seeing you!

Professional Development

STECIS, the Trade Credit Insurance & Surety Academy endorsed by ICISA, offers a range of
webinars and classroom training courses.

Classroom training courses are organised once or twice per year or on demand, while webinars
are organised multiple times per year or on demand for groups of participants.

The following courses have been planned for Q3/4 2024:

  • 11 September: Fundamentals of Trade Credit Insurance*

  • 24 & 25 September: The Trade Credit Insurance Advanced Course**

  • 8 & 9 October: The Surety Bonds Foundation Course**

  • 10 & 11 October: The Surety Bonds Advanced Course**

* Webinar

** Classroom

The courses are hosted by very experienced experts from the industry and there is plenty of opportunity for asking questions, discussion and networking. There is also the possibility of arranging in-house training (at your own offices or at a venue of choice) with a tailor-made program based on the training needs of your company. 
Detailed information about the webinar and classroom training courses is available on Stecis’ website: Also, further information can be obtained by sending an e-mail to

About this month's Sponsor: SCHUMANN

At SCHUMANN we optimise the management of risk for credit, surety, political risk insurers and export credit
agencies. Our software solutions and risk models are setting the future technological standards for the industry.

We are an open minded and learning organisation which invests heavily in research and development, often with our partners at the University of Goettingen. We aim to stay ahead of the competition with our cutting edge technology.
We value our independence, and are happy to work with any data provider or partner of your choice. We favour long term partnerships. We invest all of our resources into our customer relationships, and as a result have never lost a customer in our 25 year history.
CAM Credit and Surety enables our customers to automate risk assessment and underwriting processes, while
our artificial intelligence handles complex workflows with ease, enabling customers to remain compliant with their regulatory environment.
A SCHUMANN software solution is both future proof and the most robust on the market – it will provide decades of service and will never let you down.

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